Even though I work from home (doing something I love, no less), I still appreciate Fridays when they roll around. I like looking forward to spending some quality time with Ryan (this weekend I hope to knock a few straggling items off our Summer List!).

I'm at kind of a weird  pause point with the apartment. Since finishing up the dining chairs this week (that post is coming next week!), I don't have a major DIY in the pipeline for the first time in about a year! I have a few little things but nothing that will make a big impact. And of course, also trying to be frugal while we save up for some big-ticket items (a rug, a sofa, a headboard...).

Here are a few things I'm itching to start chipping away at - the bigger things that'll take some time (but aren't necessarily DIY):

1. Gallery wall - we have a few pieces for this gallery wall, but it's also going to need some strategic purchases over a few months to get some of the chunkier pieces that I want (I mostly have small pieces on hand). In fact, I already told Ryan that a great Christmas gift this year would be a shopping budget and a trip to the antique store for paintings. Saw so many good ones when I was there last week. We'll also make a few pieces and have some photos printed. And then of course there is framing...

2. Plate wall - I've been wanting to do this in the kitchen forever! I need to set a budget though, cause with the space I want to fill, it could get expensive.

3. Bedroom overhaul. This is the most frustrating space to me right now because the plan is all in my head but the purchases are all kind of pricey. Rug, headboard, artwork, window treatment, big mirror...


But there are a few things I can do in the meantime to keep things moving along, too.

1. Update the little $3 garage sale lamp I bought a couple months ago.

2. Paint some boxes that have been in my craft box for ages.

3. Art projects for the gallery wall.

4. New tray for living room, update existing tray for the bedroom.

5. DIY a window treatment for the kitchen.

6. Some simple updates to the bathroom if I can find the right elements.

7. Paint the kitchen knobs.

8. Paint the interior of our front door.


Hmm, suddenly I don't feel too restless! Lots to keep me busy!

What's on YOUR project list?