Dining chair upgrade

Dining chairs are one of the items I've waffled the most on for this apartment - I knew I wanted upholstered seats (and possibly backs) but Thisbe tends to snag and fur-coat everything in her path. I wanted sort of a French traditional shape to be a foil for the Tulip table knock-off, but Ryan didn't like them (see my mock-up here). Plus I was feeling super cheap for these - I knew I'd be recovering whatever we got because I wanted pattern. After I scored a couple of chairs at a local consignment store for $40 each, they sat in their orange and microsuede state for a few months - the fabric I wanted was back-ordered and other projects were already further along and took my attention. But miraculously, once the fabric arrived I was painting by the end of the week and upholstering within two weeks.

And now they are done!

I used Benjamin Moore's Advance paint in "Nimbus" (my new favorite barely-there gray!). Though it was more costly than I normally prefer (about $10 more than hardware store brands for a quart), I wanted these to be really durable. They seem to be, plus the shine is great. I used semi-gloss. Bonus: ZERO scent while painting. Key for apartment dwellers lacking outdoor space to paint.


This pictures kind of shows the subtle difference between the chairs and the table (this table doesn't photograph well since it tends to blow-out all the light). I promise they are different colors in real life.


The textured fabric is great for any Thisbe snags, but still cleans up from fur pretty easily (WAY better than the stupid velvet chairs!). It's Malaga Diamond from Lewis and Sheron Textiles. I just used a yard (and have enough leftover to make a sofa pillow sometime). I've seen it other places, but L&S had the best price!


Just a reminder: this is what these chairs looked like when I bought them. The salesman thought I was nuts, I think. As did Ryan when he got home that day and saw this dirty pumpkin nightmare!


I'm finally starting to feel like the living room is coming together! This half of it anyway...


What do you think? HUGE improvement, I think. Our apartment looks way less chaotic... and though I had a few comments that liked the orange from the original photos, those that saw them in person agreed that they desperately needed an update.