Cabinet Dream

It seems like a good day for a little eye-candy, right? Not of the Ryan Gosling variety (this time...) - I'm talking of the interiors variety. Namely, the amazing built-in cabinetry in this kitchen by Kristen Buckingham Interiors.

Ahhh, drool...

One of my apartment fantasies (don't lie, you have them too!) is that the units in our building go up for sale and we buy ours and the one next door, knocking a walkway between the two living rooms. Note, there is a 0.5% chance of this ever happening. Anyway, our current living/dining/office becomes just a dining room, and on the wall where the TV lives now, I'd build a huge glass door cabinet like this one to store all of our serveware and nice dishes. Pretty much just like this one.

Don't worry, then I'd invite you all over for a dinner party. And there would be plenty of parking in our newly constructed underground garage because this is a fantasy. Who's in?!