Pricing and why timing is everything

I can't hardly believe that September is only days away! Maybe that means back to school for you or your kiddos, but for an interior decorator like me, it means that this is last call for projects to wrap up before the holidays!

I know, thinking about the holidays is kind of gross (can we get by Labor Day first?!) but the truth of the matter is: We are at 17 weeks until Christmas. On average, an e-design project of mine goes something like this...

  • Hire me, fill out paperwork, take photos and measurements, submit to me: One week
  • My design process: 2-3 weeks (no less than two for one room though!)
  • Revisions (if necessary): 1-2 weeks
  • Custom sofa/upholstery: 6-8 weeks plus 2 weeks delivery

That right there is 16 (SIXTEEN!) weeks. With 17 weeks left to Christmas and 12 weeks to Thanksgiving (in case you're wanting to overhaul your dining room!).

Now of course, not all projects will take that long (and in fact, can take much, much longer). But keep in mind that ANY kind of ordering from online (or even ordering a piece from a store that doesn't have a floor model available) will take a few weeks, and it will only take longer as we get into December.


The other reason I bring up this "last call" is that I'm planning a major pricing overhaul in late September. I haven't raised my rates for e-decorating in a year and a half. My local rates meanwhile have been revised several times as I've learned along the way what a fair rate is per room, and currently a very similar service will cost a local client twice as much (or more) as an e-design client. That's the same level of comfort, style, and smart purchases for both - but at wildly different price points. However, I also want to accommodate clients with lower budgets who just need a little sprucing. So I will be introducing one lower priced package (with a limited amount of sourcing, no floor plan, etc.) but this will be the last few weeks at my current e-design price. After September they will be significantly (but I believe, justifiably) higher.

So if you want to scoot in under the wire of my price overhaul AND start ordering pieces asap to arrive before the holidays, you might want to get in touch today!  Here's my current services page and how to reach me.