Just my style

I like to save photos that help me narrow in on the feel I'd like our home to be (and I recommend clients do the same thing). That way when I'm bombarded with TOO much interior inspiration I have a little reminder of what works and what we're going for. I absolutely love this room and was drooling all over it again when Gabrielle posted it the other day, so I thought I'd share...

It has many elements that I specifically like - stripes, blue and white ceramic, mostly neutrals, full curtains. And the overall mixture of pieces feels natural to me - the mid century tulip table with the traditional chair, the layered rugs, and the variety of lighting.

I thought I'd pull up a few other favorite images to share as well.


Again with the striped rug! That and the sofa really bring the room together for me. Definitely have a rug like this on our shopping list.

Despite the similarities to the last room, we're not definitely getting an English roll-arm sofa, though we do like the look. But again, I'm just loving the FEEL. This room could use a spot of color, but I love the neutrals, large art, mixture of styles, and unique furniture. It's working for me.

Do you save photos that help guide your style? Or are you sometimes tempted to paint everything hot pink even though it's not "in the plan" you have?

Photos from Mark D. Sikes via Savvy Home, 79 ideas, and Lonny.