Weekend Thrift

Sorry for the blogging lapses - I have a full client load at the moment and that's taking priority over blog posts. But I managed to snap some photos of some of the thrifting treasures I found on Friday. If you're in the Seattle area, Pacific Galleries in SoDo is the best place to find cool and unique stuff. But a bargain? Well, for that you have to  leave the city. I used to live in downtown Tacoma and worked in Puyallup, so one of my favorite thrift store haunts is 3rd Street Antiques in Puyallup. There's a lot of junk mixed in, but I almost always leave with something good (my old brass bar cart we used to have was from there for $40).

My best friend lives in Puyallup, so she met me and we spent the morning sifting through pieces. I didn't find much for clients but I did find a few pieces for me...

This map of Maui (where we've vacationed twice) is hardly an antique - it's just a souvenir map made to look old. But for only $7, I thought it was a sweet reminder of the time we've spent there. I plan to incorporate it into our gallery wall (and may replace the frame after I see how it mixes in). As Ryan said, the matting would cost $7 new, so this was a good deal.


I also love thrift stores for unique little accents like handmade ceramics. This little (4 inch!) guy was only $6.


I'm sure he'll drift around the apartment as I'm constantly rearranging, but for now, this is his new home...


I also grabbed a $3 blue and white bread plate to go under our plant in the kitchen... but I forgot to take a photo! Oops! I'll be sure to capture it when we have a kitchen update.

So for three little finds I only spent $16. Not bad for a Friday morning.

P.S. Just a reminder, in one week I'll be raising my e-decorating prices! You can get in now at the $350 price if you pay before the 24th! Email me at maggie AT maggieroseonline.com.