Desk chair

I'm pretty excited today because I've finally taken the first step toward replacing my desk chair! You know, this one:

lacquered chair

I've been using this chair since my first non-dorm housing in college. For a while I had a pillow on it, then a sheepskin, then nothing... and no matter what it has been REALLY uncomfortable for sitting more than an hour at a time! Ryan's office-y desk chair doesn't work in our current office-in-the-living-room set-up because the wheels didn't roll on the rug and the arms dinged up my parsons desk (sooo sad about that).

We've talked over all kinds of different styles (upholstered parsons, mid century wood, upholstered French-style....) but Ryan mentioned cantilevered legs and I was smitten. Something kind of modern and kind of office-y but easy to move on the rug and with options to reupholster...

And then I spotted these and was totally sold. Unfortunately, so were they, from One Kings Lane.

So my Craigslist search began. I had about $30 in mind, because I want to reupholster whatever I find.

And for $30 even, I found this and I'm picking it up today!



Once it is in my possesion and I have a little splurge money, I will be getting it reuholstered in this (Ryan was not exactly on board with the leopard but likes this):

Taking it to a pro because I don't want to risk messing up with somewhat expensive fabric by DIYing.

I like that this will add another modern touch to the living room, especially since I plan to swap out our Moroccan console with a traditional dresser (for better storage). And instead of doing MORE blue, I want to incorporate jade green, along with gray (in the new rug we'll be getting) and touches of red (in accessories).  It's finally coming together!

What do you use as a desk chair in your home office? It's hard to strike a balance between useful and stylish, so I'm curious what others have done.