What a week!

I feel terrible that my busy client load has meant a lack in blog posts! And then I've put off posting because I don't have any amazing topics... so this will be a little random, but keep you up to date! I've been working on a beach condo in West Seattle and we decided on this floor lamp! I'm kind of in love with it.

We're on track to have the major pieces in place for move-in day, then plan to get everything wrapped up before the holidays.

I'm also working on accessorizing three rooms in a Queen Anne house and am excited to plan the living room around this gorgeous rug the homeowners already have.


And an e-design bedroom (that wraps up tomorrow this weekend, fingers crossed!) is taking inspiration from this picture (know the source??)...



Meanwhile, I've been working on a little kitchen DIY here at home. I'll have a full post for you soon, but I'm waiting to get one piece in the mail to finish it up to take proper "after" pictures. Here's a sneak peek though!

That's what has been keeping me from you, my dears! Lots going on (and a tired brain at the end of the day that does not feel prepared to write a blog post!). But I'll be back SOON!

xoxo Maggie