New entry mirror

I had some clients to shop for over the weekend so I thought I'd take advantage of the beautiful weather to head north to Edmonds to hit the antique mall. I only had the afternoon, but I had my friend Laura in tow (we chatted about her nursery plans while we roamed the aisles). I came home empty-handed for my clients, but I did find a piece that I've been searching for all spring/summer until now, a mirror for the entry. Here's a peek.

Our "entry" is a hallway that runs from the living room to the bedroom, with a door to the kitchen and one to the bathroom. It's just over 14 feet long. Not a huge space, but when space is limited in general, you are forced to make the most of it.

Here's how you last saw it, when I finished my hall table.

The area that has been bugging me is a small section of wall to the left of the door. There is a weird panel that sticks out. Without that, we might have hung hooks for my purse and our scarves (coats are in the closet directly opposite). But the panel made it necessary to hang a piece of art or a mirror to hide it. And since it's a fairly dark corner, a mirror made the most sense to bounce a little light around (and check for crumbs on the way out the door).

The wall in question:

I've had SO much trouble finding a mirror that was the right size (had to be wide enough to cover the panel, but not too wide for the space, at least 13 inches wide and 18 tall, but no wider than 22 inches), rectangular, with a frame but not one that was too ornate, and under $100 (hopefully more like $50). I was actually starting to lean toward having something custom made at a framing shop, but I never got around to pricing that out.

I loved the idea of a natural wood frame, since there is already a lot of painted wood near this area, so many of the great pieces I saw on etsy or in thrift shops were out, since someone had already "upcycled" them. No shabby chic for me, please.

So when I spotted this pretty mirror in Edmonds on Saturday and then realized it was only $35... well, I couldn't get it off the wall fast enough.


We plan on changing out the hanging hardware soon to remove the tilt and make sure it's extra stable. But for now it should stay put. I might also hang some hooks we had at the old apartment below the mirror, to balance out the artwork down the hall (the mirror is hung at the same height but is about a foot shorter). Just have to find them in storage!

What do you think? I love it!