October Antiquing

I swung through (for two hours...) our giant antique mall yesterday and spotted some awesome pieces. This time I remembered to snap photos to share! This petite (and very darling) little vanity was only $150. You'll be happy to know I did not grab and hoard it for a future daughter's room, so it's still there!


This huge cabinet (yes, that chair in front of it is normal-sized) was a rustic steal at $1286. Someone please hire me to design their kitchen or dining room (or even living room!) around it!


I loved the graphic element of dark hardware on this light wood chest. For $495, this would look amazing in almost any space.


Some other ladies shopping at the same time were talking about putting these chairs on the porch of a vacation lodge. I think they were on the right track. Missed the price.


I loved this little metal chair with leather wrapped arms. I think it was $450? But no need to reupholster.


This buffet had the most unusual paint color and was on sale for only $325. Wanted to hoard this one too...


Those were my favorites! What do you think, should I have forked over some cash for one (or all...) of those?