Client project: Bedroom design

In a perfect world, I'd get to walk through every e-design project at least once. That's why I ask my e-design clients to make a walk-through video if possible - it helps get a sense of how the room feels in 3-D. So when I got another local inquiry that was interested in e-design, we tacked on an hour consultation so I could visit the room in question and talk over some ideas. The room is in a daylight basement that has great mid century flavor. It does get lots of light, and is spacious enough for a seating area by the windows where the homeowners like to lounge and read. The major furniture elements were in place (though the bed and dresser will either be painted or replaced). And even on a pretty tight budget, I was able to find some great accessories that will make this underground room feel light, airy, and kind of swanky.

I don't share resources on the blog that I use for my clients because then I'd be giving away for free what they paid for... but I will tell you that the floor lamp is World Market and I'm obsessed with it. It's an awesome piece with lots of character and it's under $80. I'm basically pushing it at anyone who needs a floor lamp because it's the perfect modern accent piece.

I'm now taking new e-design clients, so I'd love to hear from you!