Introducing: Re-Energized by Design

Today I have a VERY exciting announcement! I'm honored to be a design coach for the local Re-Energized by Design home makeover competition held by Puget Sound Energy.

Re-Energized by Design is a “design show” style competition pitting 6 home owners against one another in a series of 5 home improvement projects focusing on fusing elegant home design with energy efficiency. Re-Energized by Design contestant’s efforts will be documented by a film crew who will put together episodic videos of the Re-Energized by Design experience.

Each home owner will have a design coach to give decor advice and ideas for each room - that's me! Along with free product, the contestants will get a small spending allowance to give their room a little facelift. After each room, one contestant will be eliminated, leaving the grand prize of $5,000 to one lucky (and stylish) winner. I can't wait to help my contestant put together a fabulous design (and hopefully stick around long enough to get free appliances like a washer and dryer and a whole suite of kitchen appliances!).

In fact, I'll be appearing tomorrow on King 5's New Day Northwest with a fellow design coach to talk all about it (catch it at 11 a.m. Wednesday on channel 5 if you're local!).

So that's MY good news. The good news for YOU is that Re-Engerized by Design is accepting applicants for contestants until October 31st! Yep, YOU could be my contestant, get free stuff and possibly win $5,000. Entering is really easy. You must:

  • Be a Puget Sound Energy customer (and that home must be your primary residence)
  • Own your home (sorry renters, I feel your pain!)
  • Not be friends of family of a PSE employee (but MY friends and family are still eligible!)

To enter, visit the Re-Energized by Design website for more info. You'll submit a photo or short video explaining why your home needs to be re-energized! I hope you'll enter - what do you have to lose?