Add a little padding

I've been feeling a little crummy, so Sunday I planned to get plenty of rest and take it easy. Of course, stuck in the bedroom I was facing (literally) a project that I had been putting off for months - updating the window seat.


Let's back up: this has been the state of the window seat since we moved in (plus or minus a pile of stuff that seems to grow there).


Look familiar? That's because I didn't change a thing since moving the cushion from the old apartment and tossing it onto the built-in seat in our new(ish) apartment.


Unfortunately it didn't fit at all.


But not wanting to spend a lot of money and commit to something that was one-apartment specific (aka not being sure we'd be here more than a year) gave me an excuse to procrastinate on picking a new fabric and buying foam to fit (it was not only short lengthwise, but also in depth).

The longer I waited to switch it out, the more things moved ahead without it, and one day I realized that I actually liked the existing fabric with newer elements in the room, like our duvet cover. Yet, I put off buying the materials to enhance the cushion for several months. It was oh-so-low on the decor priority list and I didn't want to spend much.


Then all of a sudden I had a 60% off coupon to Joann's, so we bought some thick batting on Saturday. It might have sat around for another month, but Sunday while I was hanging out being bored, I whipped out the scissors and (ahem) surgically enhanced the old window seat.

It was as easy as pulling up the fabric (good thing I lazily glued it in place instead of sewing, and used way too much fabric so there was extra), cutting batting rectangles to pad each end a few inches, wrapping the whole thing in layer of batting (to add seat depth and cushion), then wrapping and re-gluing the fabric in place. Really, I probably couldn't have screwed it up if I tried.

And her new fluffy self fits just fine.


It's more comfortable, looks plusher, and only cost me 2 yards of batting (for which I used a coupon and spent under $10).


But that's not where the bedroom enhancements stop. Take a good look at this view, cause next time you see it there will be some big changes.


Do you like it? Have your lazy habits ever paid off in DIY? Any guesses what big change is coming up next?