Oversize art

There's something very powerful about an oversized piece of art in the room. Out of all the decorative elements that could speak to who you are, your artwork speaks the loudest. A decorator should not be picking out your art (though we can help guide you to resources you may not have been aware of). I have a big empty wall that is waiting for its own oversize art piece. It's above the sofa, a common place to see large artwork. But art of any size is an investment, and its not on the list of the most pressing items needed for our apartment. But that doesn't mean I'm not taking notes on what others have done. Today I'm sharing some of the images I've flagged to note size, colors, and framing.

Over the sofa, this large photograph is flanked by smaller pieces to fill up the wall.


This oversize portrait of Bob Dylan anchors a conversation area.


In the San Francisco Decorator Showhouse, a large piece is mounted above the fireplace to create a statement. The frame is a modern contrast to the traditional mantel.


Three similar pieces together make for one explosion of color over a particularly long sofa.


No frame is necessary in a bright and open loft-style home - the exposed edges of this old oil piece are just as interesting as the painting itself.


Additional pieces help fill up the wall (not JUST the area above the sofa), and the color contrast between the pieces helps create an even bigger impact.


A moody corner gets brightened up with a mostly white painting. Great for a wall that doesn't have space for furniture.


This is what I have in mind for my living room - something tall and rectangular with great color.


What lessons can you take from this group of examples? Notice anything that I missed? Do you have any large artwork in your home?

Photos from: Vogue, Elle Decor, Matthew MacCaul Turner, Traditional Home, Marion House Book, Nuevo Estilo, Rue, Katie Ridder.