Shopping for: Bookends under $40

Well last week you guys were in total agreement that I should move forward with my bookshelf plans. Since both Ryan and I were mostly on board, this was the final push we needed to think it was a great idea! I'm a little giddy at the idea of all that storage, but also the vast expansion of decor space. Since our existing few bookshelves are packed with books, I haven't been able to put all my pretty decor-only items to use. And in fact, have put a spending hiatus on most decorative items and books (until now!). One look I really love is using pretty bookends. We love our alabaster horsehead bookends I got for a steal a few years ago, but I'm thinking of adding another pair (across five bookcases, I think this is more than acceptable). Since the shelves will take up most of the budget for this project, I'd like to keep most additional purchases under $40 apiece.

Luckily on Etsy, bookends under $40 are plentiful. And though I tend to love the artistic sculpture kind that run more like $200, I found a lot in my price range that I'd be happy to welcome to my shelves (remember to keep an eye on shipping costs too, they can be a surprise with heavy things!)

Horses, $35

Greek Gods, $37

Fleur de Lis, $22

Brass Clam Shells, $20

Geodes, $39

Architectural, $30

Alabaster Flourish, $19.60


As you can see, I tend to favor bookends with a three-dimensional quality. The 2D kind have their place (usually on a table where viewing is more open) but for impact on a lot of shelves, I usually choose something with a little more heft and shape.

Have any favorites? I kind of like the geodes or the alabaster fleur de lis!