Adding Pantry Shelves

While all our apartment projects are a work-in-progress, I'm specifically calling out the kitchen in this little series on updating a rental kitchen. You'll remember from this last post that we're starting with a blank (white) slate.

Storage is a huge issue in our kitchen, and our little "pantry" closet wasn't helping. It was missing shelves and crammed full of stuff. So we set about adding a few shelves (using some of the brackets that already existed and adding two more).

The horrible and shameful "before"....

We had all the wood cut at Home Depot - a board cut into squares and a 1x2" board cut down to make brackets. We wanted the new stuff to blend in with the old, so we basically followed what we already had. Everything got a fresh coat of white paint (including the interior of the cupboard, because the whites weren't an exact match). And while I was waiting for Ryan to come home one day, I got impatient and hammered in the brackets myself. The shelves are removable for easy cleaning.

We specifically spaced the shelves based on our storage needs - the toaster, stacked canned goods, and a basket for kitchen towels. Here it is in action.

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out. It was easy and inexpensive, and we gained a lot more storage. I wish that I'd taken the time to seal the shelves, however. They already have some marks (especially from the feet of the toaster). But since it's a work space, I don't mind too much. We're still working on finding the best homes for things, but it's coming together!

Yes, our cat will only eat ONE flavor of cat food...


Can't wait to tackle the next phase of the kitchen - adding color! I'm thinking wall decor, a window treatment, and a way to disguise the food shelves... any other decor ideas you think we should try out?