DIY decorative box

I've had a little set of paper mache craft boxes for a while. Like these, only rectangular:

I decoupaged the middle size a long time ago (two years?) but never showed an official picture. You can see it at the bottom of this post. Since then I've had the other two sizes waiting for their own makeovers. Last Sunday night I was antsy and decided to bust out the craft paints and make a little spot for Ryan to keep his man accessories. You know, spare buttons, random cufflinks, a lapel pin or two.

Gray acrylic paint and a little gold leaf pen action and we have this!

It was hard to get a good picture of it where it currently lives (the dresser) but here's a little peek...

Do you also spy my latest tray project?

It's actually the tray from the living room with new paper (instead of fabric this time). Love having a place to group my pretty things! Don't worry, the living room will be getting a replacement piece!

Have you worked on any detail updates recently? It's what keeps me going between big projects!