Paint consult

Last summer I had a two hour paint consult that went very well. The client and I really clicked, and we had a lot of fun flipping through my big swatch books for four rooms in her new (to her) house. It was SO new, in fact, that she hadn't even moved in when I was there! I was back this week for a follow-up consult, and had to snap a few pictures of some of the paints we chose. I'm a big fan of subtle neutrals like grays and taupe, and we kept the walls in cool tones.

The living room and dining room are the same two colors but the difference in lighting (east-facing vs north-facing windows) means they take on a different tone...

As you can see, the corners of the walls are curved. The painters took cues from the existing molding on where to draw the line. It ended up with a beautiful effect as you walk from room to room of the colors fading into one another.

On the south side of the house, the great room (and family lounge area) got a coat of pale gray ALMOST white  called "Cloud Cover".

The river rock fireplace surround's days are numbered.... The bookshelves will be painted white.

Can you believe this entire huge room featured Tuscan style "distressed" golden paint? She called it The Cathedral. Haha.


Somehow I didn't get pictures of the office - the one room where we went for a little more bold color... but I'll be working with them on new furniture, carpeting, new fireplace... so consider these "in progress" shots! I believe the homeowner took some true before pictures as well, so it will be fun to compare when we're all through.

I can't remember the paint names/brands we landed on, but if you're interested in any of them, I can find out!