Christmasy happenings

Between kicking off the holiday season, the beginning of some new projects, and the around-the-apartment musings I'd planned for my "down time" (which is increasinging busy!), blogging has sort of fallen to the wayside. I know it's been spotty around here, I hope you're still hanging in there for when I am able to write... and actually have something to say! We spent part of Sunday getting the apartment ready for Christmas. We're not hosting a party this year, sadly. It just felt a bit too cramped last year. But that doesn't mean that we skip the decorating. It's just toned down a bit.

We're those people with a fake tree - Ryan is allergic to evergreen - so while everyone was posting pictures at the tree farm on instagram, we were assembling this (pre-lit!) beauty.



Our new "2012" ornament is this little lady we picked up in Maui (see her at the upper right?).


Usually in this corner is this table we've been using at a bar. But this month we're testing it out in a new home - the bathroom. Verdict is still out, but I'll share more after the holidays.


Besides the tree, we have a few staples, like our nutcracker collection (trying to keep it under control since we don't have a lot of storage space, but someday I hope to have many more!).


This collection is, of course, fueled by my long-time love of the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker, which I had a VHS of as a child, and watched on netflix this year.


We also have several of these DIY tinsel wreaths. A mini one is hanging out on this painting (which also will move to the bathroom in January, as it is comically too small to hang over the sofa). A large tinsel wreath is on our front door.


While the bar table is out of commission, we've had some clever storage solutions, like the bar tray on the entry table. Welcome... whiskey on the rocks?


Post holiday I have a lot of schemes and plans for our space. I'll try to pull together some things to show you before then, but right now it's all in my head!