Design Plan (Update): My Place

I'm trying to stay in the holiday spirit, but truth be told, I'm pretty excited for the new year to get here. After the tree comes down, we are ready to take action on some of our apartment changes.... some of which have been on the drawing board for six months! I thought I'd draw up a little design board for what the "new" space will feature when we're done (and here's an old mock-up if you're interested in seeing how it's evolved).

As you can see, we're planning to change out our jute rug for a gray and white striped one - something we've planned on doing for many months now. The jute will move to the bedroom.

After an overwhelming response of "do it!" to my question about adding a wall of bookshelves, we're ready to take the plunge. It may take some time to get the backs painted a dark color (blue almost black), but I can't wait to get them in here. I think it will be a total game changer.

The main downside to the shelves (beyond our living room suddenly becoming narrower!) is that I'm planning on white shelves... but we already have three pieces of white furniture in the room. That's a no-go for me (too matchy!). So I'll be doing a fabric treatment to the  shelf that is next to the desk (similar to how I covered our old bookshelf in fabric). This will hopefully bring some additional texture and pattern to the space, as well as combat the too-much-white issue. I haven't settled on a pattern yet, so it's not featured, but I'm considering python print or malachite.

Speaking of the fabric covered shelf I did this summer, it too will move to the bedroom, which means that by default the bedroom will also be getting a makeover. The nail-trim console that has served as our bar will also be displaced, but it's headed to the bathroom (we're actually testing it out in there now, so hopefully no issues with that plan spring up!).

I have other small changes in store for the living room. The coffee table will get a new tray - a natural texture one to bring that element back after the rug is changed. A new lamp will be near the desk. New lighting above the sofa will be necessary, and maybe a floor lamp too. I hope to make a lot of progress on the gallery wall behind the computer, if not finish it, in the next few months.

I think you'll find that 2013 has a lot of "our place" decorating updates as we're finally able to take some of those major steps toward the space we've been dreaming of. Plus I have a lot of small scale DIY projects to share in the meanwhile.