Pantone Emerald

Grand-Hotell-suite-8567 Non design-nerds may not know, but each year Pantone chooses a "Color of the Year" and everyone goes gaga for it. Well, I'm the first to admit that the last few years I felt that they missed the mark (Honeysuckle? Snooze. Tangerine Tango? Blegh.).

But for 2013 they chose Emerald, which in my book means every shade of rich green is good to go. And I love it! Not that I'll be doing anything with this color in particular (what comes of the Color of the Year other than dozens of blog posts?), but it's nice to know there is a lot of pretty green inspiration out there. And if you're going for a monochromatic look (like above!) it's safe to say that the green can make it work.

Photo from Elle Decoration.