Tansu Chest

It's official. I am my own worst client. Before my Christmas break and even during it, I was SURE we were moving forward with our wall-of-bookshelves idea. We had the space, we had the money... but I still had a small lingering doubt and discomfort about it. The night before we planned to go to Ikea to pick up the shelving, I launched all my doubts at (poor, unsuspecting) Ryan. We ended up pulling the sofa out to where it would go (in front of the shelves about 15 inches into the room) and testing it for the evening. I didn't like it.

I decided to backtrack to my original idea of having a bar atop a dresser or buffet  near the dining table. I'd wasted hours and hours planning out these bookshelves, only to arrive at my original plan (hence the "worst client" as I sure wasn't getting paid for those hours!). But that's how it goes sometimes.

We headed to the antique mall that I love to see if we could find a piece that would work. Remembering my last trip there, on the drive I said, "I wonder if that Japanese chest is still there... if it wasn't so tall it would be perfect... but it's a little more than I want to spend."

Well I'd remembered it wrong and it was the perfect height. And after asking if the price was flexible at all, the dealer knocked off 15%... so I bought it.

I am in love.


The empty wall space above will eventually get a mirror.







This is a Japanese Tansu chest and is actually in two pieces (which meant we could take it apart to fit in our sedan!). They were primarily used for women's clothing, though the piece reminds me a bit of campaign furniture (note the handles on the side). Authenticity is very hard to determine in these kinds of antiques, but I love it as-is and have no plans to have it appraised.




Since I'm changing back to our original plan for this wall, that means something else is brewing... a big piece of art that I very well may paint myself. Here's my attempt at sizing it out...



That's four feet tall! Love our high ceilings.

So that's my story of how I derailed our living room plan, almost spent too much money on a design I wasn't 100% in love with, reconsidered, and then bought the (furniture) love of my life. Oh what a tale.

Next up is a new rug and then revealing the new look of our bedroom. I've been busy!