Whoa there, 2013!

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Happy New Year! This was my view at midnight of December 31st, from my friend Vanessa's apartment in Belltown. Quite the show, and great company.

I'm a little behind (that was already a week ago?!) because 2013 is starting off PACKED. Being swamped with clients is a great problem to have, but I'm already a little tired! I have to say though, being busy is a lot more fun than some of the quiet months I had in 2012, so I'll take it.

Today we start filming for Re-Energized By Design, and so today is the last you'll hear about it from me until it starts airing! Can't give anything away ahead of time. The first room everyone participates on is the bathroom. My contestants and I have a great plan for their full bath, and I can't wait to see the final result (and show it to you in a few months). Then we'll find out who is eliminated and hopefully move onto the next round. Turn-around is quick, so we're already preparing to design the next rooms, even though we won't know if we'll be continuing until 4 days before each makeover happens! But my lips are sealed (just keep your fingers crossed in the meantime that we're not getting eliminated!). You'll find out more in March or April.

Meanwhile I also have two fairly large design clients that I love! Delivering one design plan later this week and another next week. It's been a real treat working with both of these families and once we get pieces delivered and in place I'll share pictures.

And since I know I've been a huge tease about getting the Bachelor Pad Project photographed, you'll be happy to know that this actually getting scheduled. Hoping to shoot another finished project too. Actually, I hope 2013 is the year of documenting completed design projects! My portfolio definitely doesn't reflect all I've accomplished in the last year.

And then we're still working on wrapping up my best friend's nursery... furniture in place and changing the wall color (pink is HARD, you guys!), so we're down to accessories and textiles.

I also have one e-decorating project in the early stages for a fun and creative couple in Arizona.

Finally, I have some smaller scale projects here and there that I'm excited to show you as well.

If you're wanting to work with me, get in touch now! I'm scheduling new projects to start in March. I have a new client inquiry form that should make the process even easier.

Meanwhile my one and only New Year's Resolution is to get in shape. Maybe hitting the gym will help with some stress reduction as well? Let's hope so ;)