Giant Painting, Before!

Sometimes things start falling into place and you can't help but go along with it sporting a big grin on your face. I don't consider myself the luckiest "thrifter" but every once in a while I stumble on a gem. This week has been really busy, hence the not-posting. Tuesday, while doing four loads of laundry in between sourcing lamps and chairs and finalizing layouts (gotta give my eyes a rest from the computer!), I made a major score to the price of FREE.

Our laundry is in the basement of our building and there is a little "swap" area that basically means we never take anything to the Goodwill anymore. There was a large painting that I guessed was about the size I wanted to hang above the sofa, 36 x 48. Sunday we'd taken a trip to the art supply store and the canvases were $75... I knew I could find one for like $50 but still wasn't excited to spend it. So when I went down to move stuff into the dryer, I took my tape measure, and lo and behold... it was the perfect size! So I lugged it upstairs.

I plan to paint over it with my own abstract design.


It's pretty big, huh? That's what she said. I'm ready to bust out some paints (picking some up later today after shopping with a client). Anyone else see the creepy alien head? Ready to cover that up... And thanks for ignoring our mess. I might have gotten laundry done but everything else is a disaster zone while I wrap up a ton of client projects.