Abstract Art Inspiration

furbishstudio I finally got a chance yesterday afternoon to start painting the large canvas I snagged in our basement's junk swap! Starting out with a clean coat of black because I don't intend to use much (if any) yellow and didn't want the existing painting to peek through.

I had a request to share some of the inspiration behind my process, which I think is a great idea. I'm not going to write a tutorial, because I'm honestly just winging it, but I'm happy to share my thoughts along the way.

If you're interested in painting your own abstract art too, Jordan at Oh Happy Day wrote this great tutorial, and Lindsay of Little House Blog also had some great tips (and great results). I'm taking a lot of their advice in mind!

I'd also like to say that if money were no issue we'd be enthusiastically supporting an artist and NOT doing this project ourselves. We do buy original art and prints from many artists on etsy and someday we'd love to buy a large investment piece. But (like a lot of you), we're on a tight budget and doing what we can to make our home great.

I adore these artists I'm about to share, and if you can support them, I hope you will! I am very drawn to colorful and fluid artwork with lots of motion. None of these paintings are exactly similar, but there are types of motion and color relationships that I'd like to learn from and apply to my own painting. I definitely recommend looking on pinterest or on blogs for artwork you love and using ideas or concepts from them. I don't recommend trying to copy - not only because that's lame to do, but because it's much harder than it looks! I'm attempting a simplified version of a combination of my favorite artists' works.

Here are some of my inspiration photos.

First, Jordan's tutorial artwork.


Lindsay's finished painting.


Artist Michelle Armas. The brush movement and color arrangement is interesting.



Artist Kate Long Stevenson. Love the composition.



Artist Erin Ward. These are similar to the colors I want to use.



Top photo is a room from Furbish Studio.

Hopefully I can apply some of these concepts to my own painting, coming up with an interesting composition with movement and a compelling mix of colors (I'm using blues and greens with lots of white and some black). Keep your fingers crossed for me, and if you tackle your own painting like this, I'd love to see pictures!