Farewell, E-books!


Well, friends. It's been a good run, but I'm finally saying ciao to my e-books and retiring them completely! Finishing up my year-end finance reports and realizing that as much as I've enjoyed writing them, it costs enough to host them that unless I want to spend a lot more time promoting them, they don't bring in enough profit to keep 'em going. And let's be honest, my time is best spent working with clients!

I'd hinted at a third e-book about styling a while back, and the truth is I have the whole thing written but not designed! So I think I'll be parceling it out into a new series here on the blog, totally for free :) I feel better about doing it that way!

I will NOT be posting anything new from Design Demystified or 101 Things to Put in Apothecary Jars, so if you bought one of those (or are considering it), you're still getting exclusive content.

Thanks for your support! Moving into strictly services, and it feels good!