Gallery Wrap

We're finally assembling pieces for our gallery wall arrangement! I've been dreaming of a wall of art since we moved in a year and a half ago. I'm missing three frames still, but as soon as I pick them out and purchase them, we'll start arranging. One piece I'm excited to display is our new gallery wrap canvas. Idaho based company I.T.S. Graphics emailed and offered a free 11x14 gallery wrap to help spread the word if I liked it. I don't take freebies unless I'm genuinely excited about them, and I'd been trying to figure out how to include some of my photography in our arrangement without having to buy (yet another) frame. So I jumped at the chance.

To get the best quality print, I was told to choose a photo that was professionally shot or at least several MB's large... which meant anything taken before I bought my DSLR was out. I also realized that I almost exclusively photograph the apartment and my cat! Hardly anything else, it's kind of pathetic. But I had several cute pictures of Thisbe to choose from, and I thought it was a nice tribute to our little fur child.

The gallery wrap arrived a few days ago (packaged VERY securely - no damaging this puppy, er... kitty). It looks fantastic! The print quality is impressive. The wrapping job is nice and firm. Not coming apart anytime soon. And the color accuracy is spot-on as well.

I'll let you see for yourself!



My only regret? Not considering that "wrap" means the edges of the photos wrap to the sides of the canvas - cutting off half an inch of image on all edges. Luckily that middle paw is the main feature, but if I ordered another photo I'd choose one with more "dead space" on the perimeter. Something to keep in mind!

I've seen a lot of gallery wraps on pinterest and on blogs, and they are usually the blogger's annual family picture. Not that there's anything WRONG with that, but I love the idea of using an artsy photo, or dedicating one to the family pet. How lovely would it be to have a print of your grandmother's hands, the keys of the family piano, or an action shot of a sloppy kiss from your pup?

If you need your own kitty print (calling fellow crazy cat ladies!), head over to I.T.S. Graphics. They can do all kinds of cool stuff, not just gallery wraps. This type of print is $15 per linear foot (so, $30), not bad at all!

And yes, that IS a glimpse of the big painting in the corner... a few finishing touches made after this. I'll share photos of it in place soon. And hopefully we'll get the whole art wall put together in the next few weeks! I'm nervous but excited for it to come together.

What do you think? What photo would you get gallery wrapped for your living room?