Volunteer Park Conservatory

Sunday afternoon Ryan and I finally visited the Volunteer Park Conservatory in Capitol Hill after hearing about it for months. The park itself was beautiful as well. It was fun to check out a neighborhood spot across town. And enjoying a bit of humidity when it's been foggy and freezing all week was much welcomed as well! Sun came out but it was cold!



Massive leaves!



Felt like we were in the jungle.



The trunks of this tree were unreal. It's aerial roots twisted around them too. Filing this idea away for if I ever have my own textile line.



I THINK this is a staghorn fern. There were several and they were all massive.



Pop of pink!



Great showcase of tillandsias (air plants!). These are a bunch of different air plants (big ones!) growing on an iron structure.



So much lush green.



An air plant bigger than my head.



Ryan's favorite things were all the leaves with different colors and pattern on them.



We were sad the cactus wing was closed until January 26th, so we'll have to go back again soon. It was a short trip (it's a small building) but for a donation at the door, we think it's worth it to make a visit (and head down to the Seattle Asian Art Museum in the same park while you're at it). Have you been? I think it's one of our new favorite spots in the city!