Layered Rugs

I've been thinking a lot about layering rugs lately - we're doing a kilim over carpet in a client's living room (I'll show you the design plan next week!), and I'd like to try it in our place as well. (Tip for layering kilims or other rugs over carpeting - make sure the carpet pile is low, like a berber or sisal. Long pile will make the rug on top look bunchy and lumpy). This is from Lonny Magazine.



I'm really liking the sheepskins layered on a jute rug. I finally ordered our new living room rug, so the jute will be moving to the bedroom very soon and I'm thinking about putting down sheepskins on either side of the bed. I tried the sheepskins without the rug for a few weeks but they moved around too much. Maybe with the rug they'd stay in place better? Just sounds like a cozy way to climb out of bed in the morning (and I need all the encouragement I can get! NOT a morning person.). Plus we already have the sheepskins lying around.

What do you think? Would you layer rugs like this?