DIY Painting

It took me about a week to complete, but I finished my DIY large painting and finally got it hung up to share with you! diy_painting


If you remember, this is the painting I found in the basement.


It perfectly fit the dimensions I had determined for the spot above our sofa.


I gave it a coat of black acrylic paint to start fresh.


Then I started  adding color. I first did a splotch of blue and one of green, then filled around it with white. I alternated adding more white with more color to create some nice layering and get the balance right.

This is pretty similar to the final project but I'd tweak the colors twice after this:


And VOILA, the final product:


As you can see, the edges are still painted out black, meaning I didn't have to frame it. Notice anything else different?


Yep, the wall lights got a little trim treatment courtesy of some fabric paint and an afternoon of reality TV. I think it makes them look a little more finished.

What do you think? I'm pretty happy with it. I completed this project for about $40 (since I didn't have to buy a canvas). And if I ever decide we need something totally different, I won't feel bad about painting over it again!

However, my desire to buy a new sofa just grew tenfold.

Feeling more enthusiastic about tackling this project yourself? Do it! And send me photos! At one point I told Ryan, "I either love this or it's totally awful." And he said, "Well if it's awful, you're just not done painting yet." Ain't that the truth.

Happy to check this project off my list!