A Grand Plan

A grand plan for a grand space. That's how I'm approaching my client's cathedral-high-ceiling great room. I shared a few snippets of this client's home before, after seeing the results of our initial paint-color consult (which has turned into a whole room design). Here's a refresher (this is just with some random furniture so they can function until the real stuff comes).



The bookshelves are in the process of being painted (that's the white they'll be on the doors there). The fireplace will be completely redone. And the wall on the left will have a giant modern bookcase for display.

So what'll be on the ground? A pair of custom sectionals, ottomans, and a big kilim rug to layer over new sisal carpet. Basically it will be a whole new room.

JA Living Room


Really excited to see this mix of modern with a little rustic bohemian comes together. This is the room we painted "Cloud Cover" and I love that we're returning to lots of natural elements in the design, while keeping the furnishings modern and clean. Makes for a fresh space that makes the most of the grand scale of the room without being totally detached from the rest of the house.

Won't be able to share true after pictures until later this spring, but I'll be popping in with updates occasionally as the pieces start to come together.