Monday Moment


Happy Monday! Today's Monday Moment is from our bedroom. This is not a permanent display but rather half of our books crammed onto a too-small bookcase that will eventually be replaced. But I love seeing a bunch of books together, and this shot includes some of my favorites (and a couple that we just recently picked up that I can't wait to read!). Also really enjoying having my belts more accessible than they were stacked hanging on a hook in my closet. Now I can see them and easily grab one. And dose of reality: That lamp isn't even plugged in.

We had a great weekend. We dove headfirst into wedding planning and toured a venue (which we really liked!). Since our venue picks range $1000 between the cheapest and the most expensive, we wanted to get a sense of where we wanted to be to make our budget a little more accurate before we move forward on anything else. I've always been the girl that my friends ask for wedding planning advice since I enjoy planning events and obviously decorating them (and my brain stores weird information like obscure entertaining tips). Several people have asked if our wedding is already "planned" in a binder and now I just have to book everything. Well, no. I love weddings, and I've been saving ideas for a long time (wayyyy before pinterest). But I didn't want to dump wedding ideas on Ryan constantly before we were even engaged! So I edited my ideas to ones that I was pretty sure he'd be into and we've been going through those together and formulated our idea of the perfect day. It's OUR day, after all, not MY day. And he's already shown some insights and liked things that have surprised me but will mean we'll end up with a more interesting event. But I have to say that "fantasy" wedding planning is way more fun than actual wedding planning, which is juggling a lot of logistical information, competing schedules, prioritizing and not always getting your dream venue/florist/dress/invitations/etc. But in the end we'll have a great wedding and we'll be together, so I'm trying not to stress out too much.

Did you do anything fun and new this weekend? I also went to my best friend's baby shower! Went a little crazy buying tiny clothes for her baby girl...