Monday Moment

photo Happy Monday, friends! Ryan has the day off for President's Day, so I'm adopting his work schedule as my own and we're spending some time together.

This weekend we made some awesome progress on the apartment. We hung our gallery wall yesterday. It took us about 4 hours (including figuring out the arrangement, above). Ryan did 99% of the stool-climbing and hammering. Major round of applause to him, because it was a lot of work! Especially because we never know how our plaster walls are going to handle nails. And my picky-picky self asked him to move at least 6 pieces after they were already hung (he was a good sport though, and we got Chinese takeout and beer after to celebrate).

We love the wall and I can't wait to take real pictures to share (when we finished it was already too dark to get a decent capture). I still need to get the matting for one piece but we hung the frame anyway. If I can figure out when to go this week, I'll try to do that before getting pictures! And I'll share our process with you when I get that post written up, though it was less complicated than you might think.

Wedding update: we have a venue and a date! Counting down the days to October 12th of this year! Can't wait. We chose an art gallery here in the city (for privacy reasons I'm keeping that under wraps until post-nuptials). Still lots to do!

Be back tomorrow with a fashion post. Stay tuned!