New Rug in the Living Room

If you read my gallery wall post, you already caught a glimpse of our new living room rug (but here's a refresher!). IMG_6316


We've had the rug for a few weeks and I wanted to make sure that I was still loving it before I shared too much info. We do still love it, so here are some other angles! It is the Olin rug from Crate and Barrel, in an 8x10 size (on sale right now!). This side of the apartment is next to impossible to photograph, thanks to the window. I find the white balance and exposure really hard to adjust, so my apologies for the lackluster images. The image above is probably most accurate to life, color-wise.




It's a little more maintenance than our jute rug that didn't show anything (dust, crumbs, cat hair). Now I vacuum about twice a week - could be more if we wore shoes in the apartment - but it cleans up nicely. I just spilled a few coffee drips on ONLY the white stripes (of course) two days ago, but a little bit of Folex and you can't see it (look for it below, that's right where I spilled...)





If you remember, I'd been considering a black and white striped rug for a long time (there is an Ikea version I posted about ages ago). After living here for a while while we were spending money on other things, I realized that our 8x11 rug was driving me crazy, as the dining table ended up weirdly close to the window to avoid sitting half-on the rug. Which the cat took as an invitation to walk all over the table (gross). So I knew I wanted an 8x10, which narrowed my options quite a bit and excluded the 8x11 Ikea rug. I ended up choosing the Crate and Barrel one because the price was right ($300) and I ended up choosing to go with gray because I thought the softer contrast worked better for our small space.

I also got a rug pad, since the rug is such a thin weave. I completely recommend getting one if you're interested in this rug. I ordered one from Overstock - I find that they're all pretty similar, but Overstock's was about $30 cheaper than anywhere else I looked.

One crappy thing was that  the rug did off-gas for a few days (it was fairly stinky). If we had a garage or other open space I would have let it air out before bringing it inside. But I left the window open and Thisbe and I worked from the bedroom for a few days and it was fine. Now it's freshened up and doesn't smell at all.

What do you think? I swear, every change I make takes me one step closer to chucking that old sofa out the window. It's my next extra-big purchase, so I'm saving up but it might be a while when I'm also spending money on the wedding. But I am counting down the days! For now, I'm loving the rug and just ignoring the sofa ;)