Client Project: Deanna's Living Room

I'm good Skype/email/phone friends with Deanna over at Apples and Orange. In fact, she designed my logo and branding elements! We did a little trade so I could get a new paper business system (letterhead, etc) and she could get a plan for moving forward with her living room out in Arizona. She and her husband already have an awesome mix of furniture - some vintage, some new - but they'll looking to eventually buy a new sofa and to just pull the room together with some better storage and decorative elements.

Here are the visuals I sent her (two different sofa style options):



And slipcovered...




They are big animal lovers, so we needed options that would hold up well to dogs and cats and a lot of foot traffic, as this room has a door to the outside and serves as a major traffic route through the house as well. So practicality played a big role in this design - here's how:

  • Glass front bookcases help protect the contents from dust and pet hair, and they look tidier automatically.
  • New doors (obsessed with industrial steel doors and windows lately) will let in more light.
  • A sisal rug will help create a seating "zone" in the room but handle a beating from traffic and paws (a small accent rug they have will be under the coffee table)
  • An upholstered ottoman as a coffee table shows less dust than their current glass one.
  • For pet owners, a leather sofa that looks and feels "broken in" can be a great option (cat owners tread with caution)
  • I also love slipcovered sofas (off-white or a color) when they're form fitting, not loose. Toss them in the wash!


Deanna's coming back to me with a few questions, but they love the direction and I can't wait to see it implemented! What do you think? And which sofa would you choose?