Bathroom Updates

I think the last time I shared pictures of our bathroom was right after we moved in, August 2011. The bathroom is the room I like to tackle first when I move - especially in a rental where we won't be making any structural changes - by the end of move-in day, the shower curtain is up and accessories laid out. It makes for a spot that feels like "home" even with every other room piled with boxes. Until now, not a thing has changed in the bathroom. But thanks to the plentiful changes in the living room recently, we've made a few updates to that first look of the bathroom, and I'm mulling over a few other potential changes. And still learning how to do a proper white balance on my photos - the walls are actually very white.

Here's what we have so far...

Our shower curtains (we have two that open like curtains to reveal the clawfoot tub) have been here since day one, but the console table (adds MUCH needed counter space where I've been using the rim of the sink!) and painting (used to be above the sofa) are new.



Thanks to an OpenSky giveaway, I picked up those two fouta towels. The texture is very different - still getting used to them. Want to swap out the bath towels for a color at some point, but can't decide. So for now, they are still camel colored. Note the tiny rim on our wall-mounted sink. Not so good for balancing makeup stuff. So glad to have a proper perch.



Oh, hello there! Nothing like a good bathroom mirror shot ;)


Here's a reminder of move-in day...


Ideas for further changes include:

1. Turkish rug.

2. Jars on console's shelf with bath supplies. Can't put towels there because of the cat.

3. Painting molding and trim (just window?) black. Paint back before move-out ;)

4. Adding glass top and maybe textile/photos to top of console.

5. Cornice over window if we don't paint trim?

6. Maybe change out shower curtains for something more colorful. Kind of like the monochromatic things now though.


What would YOU do?