Thisbe Friday

Too bad I didn't think of this a day earlier - Thisbe Thursday has a much better ring to it. I haven't shown any kitty pictures recently, so here's what our favorite feline has been up too in 2013...

Making new friends with my friend Elizabeth (fellow cat lady).



Learning the fine art of framing.



She is endlessly fascinated by the printers. She will sit and stare at them anytime they rev up to print.



This ugly orange chair is her favorite spot (outside of Ryan's lap). I'll get up from the computer to throw something in the trash and come back 20 seconds later and she's curled up here.



Getting pets from Ryan. Check out those back paws of bliss. IMG_1543


Pets from me are also acceptable.



She's also been a very attentive wedding planner. Family session of researching photographers and officiants.



Happy Friday!