Monday Moment

IMG_1953 Friday night didn't have plans in advance, but Ryan had heard of a concert by a musician who was somewhat new to him (and totally new to me - that's how things go around here). We grabbed tickets and made a date night out of it with a slice of pizza at Pagliacci and drinks at the venue, Barboza in Capitol Hill.

We saw Autre Ne Veut, whose new 2013 album *might* be my new musical obsession. Hard to pick a favorite song, but "Counting" is up there for sure.

Then we spent the rest of the weekend hosting friends or running down to Tacoma to see parts of both our families. Not much weekend downtime means that this Monday I'm interspersing emails and financials with laundry and putting stuff away. A nice low-key Monday with an extra cup of coffee.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Any new (to us) bands or albums we should be giving a listen to?