Re-Energized by Design: Meet the Contestants


I'm so excited today to finally share with you the project I revealed last fall! I'm honored to be part of the Puget Sound Energy Re-Energized by Design competition. Since the beginning of the year all six of the contestants and their design coaches have been hard at work, adding new design and improved energy efficiency to their homes. One by one, a home is eliminated from the competition to leave one grand prize winner!

Before we get to the first design challenge next week, you should get to know the contestants and their coaches...


Well I think you know who I'll be rooting for as we start out this competition! The Mendes family is great - I don't think I could have assigned to a better couple. From the start, I knew Marie and Mike were fired up about breathing some new life into their home. They're passionate about helping the environment too! Plus their sweet boys are too cute!

Any predictions from you? How far do you think we'll get?! Leave your comment below.

I'd also love to hear some of your energy savings tips - and along with each episode I'll also share some of the things I learned from the awesome folks over at PSE, to help YOU re-energize.