Monday Moment

IMG_2057 Hi friends!

I hope you had a great weekend! Ours started Friday at noon - I picked up Ryan from work and we headed down to Tacoma for some wedding errands (including meeting with our officiant!) and visiting some old friends. There were several "time-killing" sessions between appointments. And when my cute posed pictures aren't looking good, I usually resort to making a goofy face while Ryan has already tuned out. So it goes.

Actually, we had a lot of wedding stuff last week. We now officially have a date, location, photographer, invitations, officiant, florist, and unofficially (meaning we need to finish paperwork and send in our deposit) have a coordinator. We're stuck choosing between three caterers, which I put Ryan in charge of because all the different little things to compare make my head spin. He's a bit more analytical, so he typically shuffles it all out to make sense, then tells me who's more expensive and who provides what and who pays their workers better, etc. And since everyone keeps asking... I am going dress shopping on Friday. I'm nervous about finding something in my price range that I actually like (and feel attractive in, hello resolution to get in shape!). Won't be posting a pic here though if I DO find one, because my handsome fiance reads this blog :)

Saturday and Sunday we kind of took a break from wedding (just chatted about it, but didn't pull out our charts!) and focused on the apartment a bit more. Just cleaning, no real projects though. We both cleaned a lot of random stuff out of our closets, so a trip down to our storage unit is in order (which probably means a whole new project of organizing THAT, which I may blog).

Generally it was a really good weekend! And my best friend had her baby girl (a week late!) so I can't wait to head down again to visit them.

This week my goal is to get ALL those pesky to-do's that lurk on my list DONE. They aren't time-sensitive but they are annoying. Time to get them over with! What are your goals this week?