Monday Moment

IMG_2102 Two posts in one day?! I know, who is this blogger, and what has she done with Maggie?! But I'm just in the blogging spirit, I guess. If you haven't read my friend Annie's post on organizing from this morning, be sure to read that one too. Lots of good tips!

This weekend (including Friday) we drove to and from Tacoma every day. For non-locals, that is about a 45 minute to an hour drive each direction. And parts of the interstate were down to one lane all weekend, so we were detouring and getting into plenty of traffic. This morning we were both totally exhausted.

BUT Friday I bought a wedding dress. My mom and I went to one of those big dress sales put on by a charity where you can buy used, donated, or sample dresses. We found a great dress that had almost all the elements that I was hoping to check off, and the fit was great considering it had been altered before. Had it not been a buy-it-or-lose it situation, I might have slept on it. But the price was good enough that we snapped it up. I'm making one bridal salon appointment just to make sure there isn't some other mystical "perfect" dress out there, then going forward with this one. It's currently hanging in a garment bag in my closet... good thing Ryan isn't much of a peeker!

On Saturday morning I was on the radio - which was just a short walk through the Seattle Center from my apartment to the studio (see picture above). I was on the Tami Michael's home decorating show, which was so much fun! I was talking up the Re-Energized by Design campaign. If a recording was made, I'll be sure to track it down and let you know!

We also got to meet my best friend (and Matron of Honor)'s new baby on Saturday (do you like the new punctuation I just invented there? Me too.). Baby Clara was born last weekend but is still SO small and sweet. I got to hold her for a good long time. I still need to get pictures of her nursery that I designed. It turned out so cute.

Easter was great with some family time, and I got to wear a new dress. We had a lovely brunch with Ryan's dad's family. It was 71 degrees in Tacoma on Sunday! We had Easter dinner outside on the deck at Ryan's mom's. Have to say, that might have been a first! We're pinching pennies for the wedding, so we didn't exchange Easter baskets this year.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?