Re-Energized by Design: Garage Challenge

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For the second challenge (yay! We made it!), contestants were asked to choose between a garage space or a home office space - the Mendes family had both, but the office space was pretty open to a hallway and the laundry area, so we felt that it might be biting off more than we could chew. As it was, this level was definitely a CHALLENGE.

Watch the episode to see if our attempts were good enough to move on....


Here are some still shots of what we did. The Mendes garage before (this is WITH the lights from the camera crew!)....

Garage Before 1

Garage Before 2

Garage Before 3

Garage Before 4


And after...

Garage After 4

Garage After 3

Garage After 2

Garage After 1


Even when the car is in the garage, the openness is amazing!

This definitely wasn't our "sexiest" design. This was a challenge where we REALLY felt the pinch of the $500 budget. A huge amount of that (at least $200) went to lighting. We loved that we were supplied with our choices of GE CFL's and LED's, but for this room we really needed to add additional light sources... there were only TWO in the whole room, making it terribly dim and dark. We knew track lighting would be the way to go - but ran into some budget issues when we found out most track lighting comes WITH lightbulbs that are pre-set into the lights that actually clip in (you can order replacements for those). Even with the energy-efficient options (what I would recommend to YOU), we ended up opting to buy tracks that we could use the supplied lightbulbs in. It didn't leave a ton of money for fancy storage systems, but we were able to use what the Mendes family had on hand. Recycling those elements is even better, I think.

What we did for design:

1. Cleared clutter! It was time to do some major recycling and donations.

2. Marie painted the ENTIRE garage walls white, which bounces a lot more light around in such a dim space, and looks clean and inviting.

3. She painted the existing cupboards blue, to bring in a fun accent color.

4. We rearranged the shelving so that the closed shelving is all on one side - it looks tidier, and makes it easier to find things.

5. Marie labeled every bin with big white paper - it saved us on budget not having to buy new matching bins, but helped them appear more uniform.

6. They used pegboard and a table they already had to create a workbench zone for Mike.

7. For their two young sons,  some painted hockey "goals" bring a little more interest.


For energy efficiency:

1. The lighting is huge - not only do the new bulbs put out less energy, they give more light, which means Marie no longer has to open up the garage door to the elements just to see what she's looking for (a chilly reality!).

2. Weather-stripping the two doors that lead into the house really helps them save heat. Eventually they plan to upgrade the doors to a heavier one that helps block cold air even more (Mike said the weather stripping was easy to do).

3. They caulked the windows, helping seal any cracks that might let in any extra cold air.


This one ended up really being a challenge for us, but I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out! We were up against some serious odds. What did you think of how our garage turned out? Which design (from the video) was your favorite?