Bedroom Plans

It's been a few weeks since I've shared any apartment updates, and quite a bit longer since I've shared any bedroom updates. There have been some changes though - I just need to do a little tidying and take some pictures of the new artwork we hung up. We've been putting off a lot of purchases for this room, mostly because people don't see it. But I've had plans brewing for a long time. Now that we've slowly begun putting together a wedding registry, things like bedding have been at the forefront of my mind.

Here's a tiny refresher of the room...

(Love love love our new sheets from Target. Might have to get another set for when these bite the dust.)

photo (1)


(these lamps are on the nightstands, as seen above)



The layout is more or less the same.

Originally, this is the scheme I came up with and posted here... we did finally upgrade to a Queen bed.

bedroom phase one

I still like this general look, but I'm leaning toward more versatile bedding and a headboard that will feel less girly. I also added our jute rug to the mix when it moved from the living room. And though I love the storage of the cabinet, I think white will suit the room better and find a place in our future home too (maybe we should be registering for Ikea giftcards...).

Here's the latest scheme, with a different West Elm headboard and the Crate and Barrel quilt and Euro shams we're registering for (they are on sale now! So tempted!).

Bedroom version 2

I love it and can't wait to make it a reality. The best part is, I've been thinking a lot about our next rental being a modern high rise style condo, and I could totally picture this bed set-up in a new space as well (but maybe with small dressers in place of the nightstands).

Do you love it? Which design do you like better? Anyone want to bet on how long it will take me to actually execute? Haha, my money is on November.