Monday Moment

IMG_2151 View from my present location.

A bit of an early Monday Moment, as we were rudely awakened at 6:30 by someone honking repeatedly in our alley, at first I think to pick someone up, then a few more times to be (ahem) funny. I am NOT a morning person, so the best way to tick me off is wake me before 8 a.m. (though I'd sleep until noon everyday if I could!).

I tossed and turned and dozed for a bit before Ryan's alarm went off about ten minutes ago (7:30). He hit snooze, but I knew I was awake enough to get up and get started on my day. Waiting now for him to wake up before I start the noisy coffee grinder.

April is shaping up to be a pretty quiet month here at Maggie Rose Interiors. After the hustle and bustle of the last three months (my best quarter yet!), it's nice to have it slow down in a few ways. I'm finally getting to all those behind-the-scenes procedural things that keep getting pushed back with a full design load. But of course as a small business owner, I'm still juggling the cycle of "feast or famine" so it does give my financials pause (and any decorating of our place is currently on pause too, while extra funds are currently being directed toward the wedding).

In some ways, being an active member of the blogging and social media community can be a curse - especially during slow times in your business. It's so easy to compare yourself to the success your colleagues are publishing about themselves. Sometimes I forget to simply be excited for them and find myself jealous to not be in the same position. I have big hopes of leasing an office someday. I'd love to be in a position where I could snap up great deals on furniture/lamps/etc and have somewhere to store it for the perfect client. I'm very sad right now to be missing out on another High Point Market this spring.

So this morning I'm trying to put that aside and be grateful for the opportunities I've had and will have again. I will try to be patient with my business growth, as it has always been steady, even if it doesn't explode overnight. I will enjoy that I have this week to work on my business from the inside out, and be better prepared for the next wave of design clients. And I will continue to dream big!

Happy Monday, my friends.