Birthday Wish

I love my birthday (um, who doesn't love their own birthday?). And it's one month from today! To help out my sweet fiance, I'm rounding up some suggestions for possible gifts... and including links so my readers can grab one for themselves too! birthdaywish


1. I mentioned we started our registry, and though my bridal showers are still months away, I told Ryan he could always start there for gift ideas! This is our wedding china!

2. I've been craving more pillows for our sofa lately, and this one would fit right in with the mix we have going!

3. We're planning to rent glassybaby candle holders for the wedding, so how sweet would it be to have a little one to light at home while we count down to the big day (bonus, visiting the store is so much fun).

4. Rifle Designs (I'm obsessed) just released new iPhone cases. Not much available for the 4s, but this one was cute and quirky in a Royal Tenenbaums way, right?

5. I'm dying to wear these for our engagement pictures. A little out of budget, but so wonderful.

6. This needlepoint little stool may give away my love for granny-chic, but it's almost too good to pass by at only $100. I'd MAKE room for it.