Re-Energized by Design: Laundry Challenge

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This week is the Laundry Challenge - and all three homeowners left in the competition got a FREE Frigidaire washer and dryer to help kick off their design. The Mendes family and I were thrilled to have made it this far!

Watch the episode to see if our design was good enough to move us along to the final kitchen challenge!




Aww man!

Getting kicked off the competition at this point was a huge bummer - so close to getting a whole kitchen suite of appliances! But it was also a bummer because I love how this room turned out - unfortunately I don't think the colors of the room were captured well on camera at all - one of the dangers of designing for real life  vs designing for cameras. In real life the wall color is bright but cheerful - no dayglow neon (I promise I would never ever paint a room neon on purpose, yikes!). I wish the judges had had a chance to see the room in person. Darn! I was so pleased with how it turned out that I was SURE we'd move on to the next level. And Marie and Mike love how the room turned out!

Here are the before pictures:


Laundry Before 4

Laundry Before 3 Laundry Before 1


After pics:

One of the official pics from the contest...

Laundry After 3

Oy, the glow...

Here's a pic that I snapped myself.


Yeah, also not the best picture (it's really not that dark down there) but at least you can kinda tell that the walls aren't about to burn out your eyeballs.

Sadly, the rest of my pics turned out kinda neon too... well, I never claimed to be a photographer. Hope you can see the good through it anyway :)








What we did for design:

1. Cleared out clutter - there were two bookcases crammed with stuff that was either donated or relocated.

2. Replaced the shoddy paneling with beadboard and extended it across the whole wall.

3. Painted. The walls, the floor, and all the trim (from wood to white) got a coat of fresh paint. So did one of the shelves, that is now used to hold detergents and cleaning supplies.

4. Brought in pattern with a fantastic new rug, a pelmet that frames out the window, and a new ironing board cover. The old dingy laundry hamper got a new look with some purple dye.

5. Created a folding and drying station - a rod hanging from the ceiling takes up no floor space, unlike the old folding rack. The table has a skirt that provides hidden storage.

6. Small details, like the children's art, a clock, some plants, and a new pretty pendant add interest to a utilitarian room.


For energy-efficiency:

1. The door frame was repaired and caulked to stop the loss of warm air.

2. Energy efficient lighting and new light fixtures create a soft glow instead of glaring bare bulbs.

3. Providing plenty of spots for air-drying delicates - always an energy-efficient option!

4. Obviously the biggest change was swapping out Mike and Marie's old washer and dryer (which would sometimes require multiple cycles to dry!) for Energy Star rated ones.


I was sad to leave the contest, but what an amazing experience! Next week when we show the final kitchen episode, I'll share some more tips (the ones I would have done!) as well as what it was like to work on the show.

What did you think? Should we have been the ones to get the boot, or do you think someone else deserved to go home more? Have you ever painted a room a color that just did NOT show up well in pictures? Saying, "it looks good in person, I swear" is kind of torture for a blogger ;)