Monday Moment

IMG_2152 I snapped this photo about two weeks ago, but nothing has really moved and it feels appropriate for my mood today.

Spring in Seattle is not unlike the other seasons - day to day and nearly hour to hour the weather is always unpredictable. You'll have days where the city comes alive in the bask of the sun and where you suddenly notice there are blossoms on every tree and color is everywhere. And then clouds roll in, almost without notice, until your springtime outfit is woefully underdressed for the rainstorm you're walking home in.

This morning has been a bit of the opposite. As I sit at my desk, the cloud cover is beginning to part and a touch of sunshine is starting to warm my window when only an hour ago nothing but a big blanket and a cup of coffee would warm up this day.

It's these days that make springtime feel fresh and new. Everything that has been dull and tired this winter is coming alive. Seems like a good day to get some paperwork and doldrums out of the way and make things tidy. In the absence of true garden beds I suppose this is my version of weeding and tending (but oh, how I have been missing my garden lately!). So today, fling open a window, get some work in order, then run out into that sunshine, friends! It's Monday and it's springtime - a great day for new beginnings.