Bedroom Art

IMG_6602 This post is actually coming to you a few weeks late! We hung this big old hunk of art just a few days after the gallery wall - but it is SO hard to photograph that I've been putting it off.

Let's take a quick trip down memory lane...

After we moved the dresser to this wall (where the bed used to be), it housed the bedside lamps and for a while sported a way-too-small mirror. Our big "For Like Ever" poster hung to the right.


Conveniently (oh the sarcasm), there is no outlet on the wall where the head of our bed currently lives, so when we finally moved a rug into this room and could move the lamps courtesy of an extension cord, we did so.

Meanwhile, I've been wanting to put a large floor mirror in the room so I can actually see my entire outfit in one viewing. The spot where the For Like Ever poster was the best spot. So not only did I have a big wall to fill above the dresser, but a displaced piece of art as well.

Only, I wanted a horizontal piece and not a vertical piece. Which means I spent months deliberating what to do, since this was probably not going to be a splurge piece.

I finally ended up ordering an oversized photo print. The photo is one that I took in Hawaii last June, looking up into a Banyan tree. I ordered the print from Wizard Prints, and for about a 32x40 inch print it was about $40.

With the glass and frame it is SO hard to take a picture of it. I assure you, the print itself is crisp and not blurry - that's the effect of the glass.



And with the window directly opposite, it gets lots of glare that we don't mind in real life but looks terrible in photos.



We did like having the light source there, though, so the white lamp from the living room will be moving to the top of the dresser, to the right side (a living room replacement lamp is on its way here!). I'm also thinking about painting my jewelry box - the wood tones clash terribly.

The old lamps are happily next to the bed where they belong.



Now the hunt for a floor mirror has begun! I think about the time I finish this room we'll be packing up to move...