Queen George

I've been feeling entirely uninspired by beds recently. I'd fallen into a bed rut, so to speak. Gravitating toward modern canopy beds or upholstered headboards with skirts. Nothing wrong with either style, but nothing was jumping out at me otherwise. And then a friendly email from Jayson Home landed in my inbox and their catalog arrived almost the same day, and in both instances I found myself practically drooling over a bed with an entirely different shape.

The George.

george_bed_-_spring_2013 hg143283_1_2 hg143283_alt3_1_2 (1)

Whereas I've been loving tall headboards, this one is much lower. And while my stint as a hotel maid in college put me off footboards (takes longer to tuck in the duvet), something about this one is calling my name. Love the double nailhead trim around the bottom and the tiny brass feet.

Of course, with a price point of $3,195 for a queen it's out of MY budget for the time being, but I'd love to use this for a client! And maybe file away for inspiration for my dream house.