Monday Moment


Happy Monday, my friends! As you can see, a few things in the apartment moved around this weekend, meaning I'll have new pictures from the living room for you later this week! Just have to tweak a few things and take photos.

I apologize for the radio silence last week! I won tickets to Design Camp - a two day (plus third evening meet and greet) last week here in Seattle and was spending every waking minute  absorbing TONS of information about the business of design and also upcoming trends and new materials from industry insiders (still dreaming about the yard of silk velvet I got to pet). And of course, meeting a lot of fabulous ladies - many were local and some had flown in from all over the country. Getting to meet other Seattle designers is a real treat though because there aren't a lot of mingling opportunities. We may have to change that!

Now of course is my first day back in the office and luckily I have no appointments on the calendar  I've got all day to go back and review the info from Design Camp and start making lists. Because it wouldn't do to get all fired up and recharged and then to go back to what I've always done - oh no. BIG changes will be happening, some almost immediately.

I have more info to share from Design Camp (and a few photos!) but I'll save that for another day.

I also know I haven't shared a single peep about wedding planning for a few weeks! We've been terribly lazy, actually. Since all the big things are taken care of, we've sort of been dropping the ball on the bitsy things, but we're determined to get back on track this week. In many ways it has been very overwhelming and I think we're just ready to be married and on our honeymoon (we're booking that soon - Palm Springs!). Counting down to October! I'll have more wedding details (and some resources for other brides) coming up this week!